Saturday, June 6, 2009

Terminator Salvation Movie Review


The first thing I noticed about the movie was that it was directed by "MCG". Huh? What kind of name is that? It doesn't even have a vowel? I feel so alienated with the industry. Apparently, there has been a trendy thing with using nicknames as professional names and I missed it. I'm rather uncomfortable with it. I didn't feel any better seeing "Jadagrace" and "Moon Bloodgood" on screen either. I know don't watch TV all that much, but huh?

I actually was rather reluctant in watching the movie. I didn't think I'd be impressed all that much, and the near $10 in food is very punishing in light of mediocre entertainment. Especially considering that I recently watched and was rather disappointed with Star Trek. I was wrong. This is a good movie!

There are too many explosions and ineffectual pistol shootings at Terminators. Overall, though, the special effects are varied, well done, and relevant. Plenty of eye candy, yet all fits right in. I was particularly impressed with the landscape. It felt VERY real. Obviously, a lot of thought went into the design. Kudos to the designers. The environment is such that you really feel like it could happen. I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking, where did they shoot that at? It didn't feel like blue screen environment at all, although the animals were missing.

I also like the fact that there's no nudity. It's the part that ruins it for the Matrix and Underworld Revolution. PG 13 rating is fine with me.

This movie actually has a good coherent story. The question "What's the difference between human and machines" is an age old question, yet has many answers. This movie puts out several answers. I like that very much. You can tell different philoshophies of the different characters in the movie. Such thing is a rarity these days. It makes the characters felt real.

Really, I have no complaint whatsoever. Well, other than the talent of Christian Bale being wasted. I kept thinking that Marcus Wright character is a better character than John Connor. I wonder why Mr. Bale didn't take that role? It's challenging, evocative, with multi-dimensional factor to it. John Connor is straight-faced freedom fighter.

All the Terminator movie elements are there and then some. The special effect enhances the movie, as does action sequences. Acting is normal. Nothing great, but nothing bad, either. All in all, I like it.

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